The Fall 2016 Arizona Umpire School Clinic will be announced soon. Fine tune your umpiring skills with a staff of former professional umpires as you develop your umpiring career. The Arizona Umpire School Staff looks forward to training with you. Note there is a discount offered for early registration and payment.

Our Philosophy of Training ...

Copper State Umpires Association Inc. provides quality instruction to all that aspire to become amateur umpires. The training offered is under the guidance and instruction of the Arizona Umpire School. The Arizona Umpire School utilizes present and former professional umpires to train all students.

Today's competitive baseball environment requires amateur umpires to be trained, proficient and properly dressed to umpire baseball games. It is simply not good enough to show up and collect a game fee because you have been around baseball all your life. Young athletes today are trained and schooled to reach their playing potential. These players have aspirations of educational scholarships and dreams of playing professional baseball. Umpires should to be prepared to offer the quality expectations the game requires.

The Arizona Umpire School offers a foundation for you to begin to umpire. One clinic alone will not be sufficient to be successful. Training is ongoing as it is with any other profession. The school offers beginners, advanced and 3 man clinics. In the 2 day clinic students will be offered extensive cage work to learn how to call pitches, field mechanics, and problematic rules and how to handle confrontation with players and coaches. Equipment and uniforms are not required for the beginner's clinic. Protective equipment is provided for the students use during cage work drills. A Little League rule book is given to all students along with printed material and web sites associated with the different rules and addendums required for those baseball venues. The training tips link will contain YouTube videos for students to study and learn how to umpire. This link will be updated frequently and archived for all students to study. A clinic registration is accomplished through the web site (as announced) and payment is processed through PayPal.

The Copper State Umpires web site offers assistance, educational and alternatives to new umpires, experienced umpires and clientele in search of quality umpiring that expects umpiring excellence.

If you have any questions you can email CSUA from the Contact link in the footer below. We look forward to hearing from you and the Arizona Umpire School Instructors look forward to training with you.

Thank you,
Copper State Umpires Association Inc. 


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